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Top 10 Things to Do in Baracoa

BYOrsolya Bartalis 
Near the eastern tip of the island and situated closer to Haiti than Havana, was founded in 1511 as the first villa in Cuba. It was the first capital city of Cuba, but was forgotten over time as the rest of the villas were founded, due to only being able to be accessed by the sea. La Farola Road, is one of the seven wonders of Cuban architecture of the 20th century was built in the 70's providing access to the city.
Baracoa is a true natural paradise, with 29 rivers, Atlantic Ocean to the North, amazing mountains to
the South. If you were ever looking for El Dorado, this place is it! And if the sights weren't amazing enough it is also a true foodie paradise with amazing seafood, unique dishes, delicious cacao, and the freshest coconuts around.
Fertile forests, azure seas, foot-tapping tunes and delicious desserts - don't miss the quirky eastern city of Baracoa.
Baracoa has beautiful beaches away from the crowds and noise you find in huge resorts of the nort…
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Blindsided By Congress

BYDr. Tim G Williams  What congress is doing to the American with their constant squabbling over much needed financial relief is paramount to high level extortion over the public. The blame rest squarely with the Senate Majority leader and the Republican controlled Senate. Without a doubt the American public are being held hostage by a self serving bureaucracy.
With the holidays fast approaching amid a deadly pandemic millions of Americans face a brutal cold winter all the while our public servants continue to service themselves. One cannot remember when Congress has acted with such callousness and arrogance by their sheer audacity in their failure to come to bat for the American public. 
Back in the day as my father used to call the good old days we had a congress that actually worked for the people. Now, the only time congress manages to conjure up a bill that is actually passed reflects the interest of members of congress all the while being disguised as a workable bill in helping th…

The History of Midway Airlines

BYRobert WaldvogelAirline Origins and Service Inauguration:
Chicago-based Midway Airlines, which plied the skies for a dozen years, was the first deregulation-spawned start-up to enter service, paving the way for the multitude of other similar-strategy carriers that followed. In a way, it represented all of them, sparking a resurgence of vacated, underutilized airports they claimed as their operational bases, and it taught important lessons about such airlines. Ultimately, it demonstrated the underlying forces of US deregulation. Its history may have been brief, but it was characterized by aircraft, destination, and strategy changes, as it sought to determine its niche and profitably fill it.
Founded on August 6, 1976 by Irving Tague, a former Hughes Airwest executive, to offer low-fare, high-frequency, no-frills, single-class service with a fleet of used McDonnell-Douglas DC-9s and to re-establish its virtually dormant, but city-vicinity Chicago South Side namesake airport, thus avoidi…

Weight Gain in Menopause: 6 Easy Intervention Steps

BY Sue Rose 
What exactly is menopause?Simply put, menopause is a very natural aspect of the female aging process. It is not a disease, but we may think of it as a "disease" because of the problems that can occur while in this stage of life. The average age for menopause is 51 years of age. At this point, the ovaries are no longer producing estrogen. This lack of estrogen comes with a laundry list of changes for most women. Not too many women escape this stage of life unscathed in terms of symptoms. The symptoms experienced are in large part due to this decline of estrogen in the body. This decline in estrogen can affect women both physically and mentally. Common problems include menopause weight gain, brain fog, depression, and sleep difficulties.
Menopause weight gain and estrogen
Estrogen is a power packed hormone. As our production declines in aging, there is a physiological impact on both our bodies and brains. You are definitely not imagining that you feel differently! As…

DVD Rental Management System – Renting Exactly What You Need

One of the primary reasons why you should avail the
benefits of the best online DVD rental is because it
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businessman is provided with a great inventory as soon as
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The DVD rental online also facilitates the payment system
whereby the users can pay online. The online DVD rental
business also allows the customer to try out the services
for free. If they are not satisfied by the servic…

Poet Or Story-Teller?

Poet Or Story-Teller?
By Pete MoringThe Poet is a rare animal, they are the conduit for lost Souls, forgotten Souls, and Souls that had unfinished business here on Earth."Poetry is the Reflection of a Long-Forgotten Soul" by Ven Bunce.Many people think poetry is just sitting down and putting stories-to-rhyme, and in some cases that may be so, but poetry is much more than that. Poetry is the out-pouring of a Soul that has passed over to the 'other side', has seen the truth, the hidden truths about this experience here on earth, for Humans in particular, and needs to Warn us or Advise us about our present and our future.A Poet may not even 'like' poetry or poets, and may not even like writing in particular. (though of course these days we also have digital audio and video to assist). So how does a Poet become a Poet?To start with, a poet will always have an enquiring mind, a mind that is always looking for the truth behind everything they see and hear. They more…

This Is How To Exploit The Principle Of Leverage To Your Advantage

This Is How To Exploit The Principle Of Leverage To Your Advantage
By Paul UdukIt was Archimedes who said, "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and single-handed, I can move the world." And Sir Isaac Newton famously said, "If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants".Used mostly in finance to express the relationship between debt and equity, the principle of leverage can be exploited in all spheres of life. Using a layman's language, I describe leverage is a tiny tweak you can exploit or a simple action you can take wherever you are in your artistic endeavour to maximize your impact and result.For an example, let's say you're a musician, an author, or a craftsman, you can produce a one-minute video and upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or Invideo, and if properly optimized, your video could go viral. With that tiny tweak to your strategy or that simple action, you could attract thousands if not millions of viewers in one …