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Body And Life, Dismantling And Disruption By Corona Virus!

Body And Life, Dismantling And Disruption By Corona Virus!
By Srinivasa Govindarajan

Disruption And Dismantling Of Body & Life!

The Wall Street Journal Quote yesterday 05/11/2020: "U.S. corona virus deaths near 80,000 as mysterious new symptoms appear." This humanity suffers in hugh batches, loses day in day out. Our present efforts to disrupt and destroy the virus has fallen short. Viral spread from Wuhan province in China is discouraging to this day..

This is an invisible, incredible enemy even the worst sample of humanity was unable to match the harm inflicted on itself historically. Human ingenuity that developed Atom bombs dropped on Naga Saki And Hiroshima in Japan were localized in destructive power 20000 kilo tons of TNT. The firestorm in Hiroshima destroyed 13 square kilometers or five square miles of the city. Almost 63% of the buildings in Hiroshima were destroyed. by blast and fire. Estimates of total deaths generally ranged between 100,000 and 180,000 out of a population of 350,000.

Tens of thousands died immediately. Many more in the days that followed. In another Japanene city, namely, Nagasaki, the atomic bomb blast is equally devastating and decimated all the land marks in the city, parks, recreation and educational areas, sports arenas, rail roads, apart from huge loss of human lives. The rest of the population were withering away due to intense radiation awaiting their lingering death.

When we look at the scenario caused by two atomic bombs hurled by humans on humans using a stupid premise to stop the war and obtain a victory, just stop to think who are we to cause such an infliction on ourselves? Is this the culture taught us? Is science to be used for destruction?

This virus can be observed only with the help of Electron Microscope. it was identified by a pioneer Scottish scientist named Almeida fifty years ago. This virus was supposedly living in bats and in some exotic animals like pangolins. Lied obscure more than fifty years emerged in this century in the month of January, 2020.

As our contemporaries in China had a penchant for exotic meats of animals that carry this virus. The jump to mankind was done. Results with a unheard of ravage to the entire humanity of the world and is actively in progress keeping the public in a spell.

Aside from this, social distancing, isolation, nullifying meetings of any kind, disrupted the very fabric of society. Restaurants, Grills, bakeries, store chains, super markets, clothing, electonic, auto parts, movie theatres, small local stores are basically destroyed. Infrastructures for the basic living conditions are falling apart day by day.

Transportation industry is devastated. The public is afraid to travel. Tourist buses come to a stand still. Cruise ships and huge Airlines are inoperable for there is no traffic due to virus attack. This is what we observe superficially. The secondary markets, meaning spare parts for all these are likely to disappear due to lack of demand. Many livelihoods are gone. Rebuilding our wealth to what it was, has to wait.

Now this is a valuable opportunity for humanity to redeem itself to find an antidote or vaccine for this pandemic corana virus to stop in its tracks. Now we have this rapid, ravage spread of this virus challenging us world wide!

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