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The 5 Secrets Every Stylish Mature Woman Knows (And You Should Too!)

The 5 Secrets Every Stylish Mature Woman Knows (And You Should Too!)
By Leslie C Smith

Just because you are over 50 shouldn't mean you left your sense of style back in your 30s. In fact, the opposite is true. You should be on your style game more than ever. Mature stylish women know this and live it everyday. Here's how they do it.

  • They Never Dress Their Age
We have all heard fashion mavens say you should dress age appropriate. But what exactly does that mean? What does a 55 year old woman wear that is different from a 40 year old? Also not all 55 or 60 year olds are the same. We come in all shapes and sizes. The smart stylish woman, however, knows this and doesn't dress according to her age but pays more attention to what looks good on her. The mature fashionista knows her body and knows the styles, cuts and fabrics that flatter her the most. This is not to say that age doesn't matter at all. In other words, if you are in your mid 60s your teenage grand-daughter's boy band t-shirt might be a bit too juvenile. But, her basic tee or wide leg jeans might just be the things that set your style on fire.

  • They Are Not A Slave To Trends
Trends, in general are good. Wearing a trendy garment lets the world know that you are keeping abreast of what is current and not stuck in a time warp. But as we all know, not all trends are created equal. If wearing a certain trend makes you feel awkward, uncomfortable or just plain foolish, it is not for you. Rather than go with every trend that comes along (and there are usually several per season) fashionable mature women pick and choose ones that they love and ones that make them feel happy. Smart stylish women also pick trends that can work with their basics and easily become classics. For example, the leopard print trend has appeared so much over the last several years that the print has joined, black, gray, white and brown as a neutral. Be like the mature fashionista and pick your trend wisely.

  • They Know What Makes Them Memorable
Older stylish women know what makes them memorable to others. It is usually that one type of garment or accessory that they wear over and over. The item is their signature piece, the thing that everyone associates with who they are. Some women are known for their beautiful silk scarves, others for their basic black turtlenecks, while others are famous for their collection of colorful sneakers. Whatever, the item may be, these mature women know it sets them apart from the crowd.

  • They Are Not Color Blind
Older women who look great time after time, usually do so because they know what colors flatter them. They choose colors that do not overwhelm them, make them look washed out, or distort their features. When someone compliments them when they wear these colors they take note. Look through your closet and pull out your favorite items. More than likely these garments are in your favorite colors. if you want to have mature style, buy more items in these hues.

  • They Take Style Risks
It is always nice to have wardrobe pieces that work year after year. They are like old friends and we know they will always look good. But mature fashionistas know there is also such a thing as a style rut. They know that playing it safe all the time is not for them. They know in order to be up on their style games they also have to take risks every once in a while. This might mean something as simple as trading in a pair of their dark wash bootcut jeans for a pair of slightly distressed jeans. Or it could mean replacing their classic black winter wool coat, with a red trench coat. While the change may not always work (think of those platform heels that made you almost sprain your ankle) trying something new is always worth the risk.

So if you are a mature woman, yearning to be as fashionable as you were when you were 30s, keep these style tips in mind and you will be back in the style game in no time at all.

Leslie C. Smith is a blogger and lifestyle strategist. For tips on living well over 50 and aging brilliantly, check out her blog, or visit her on Instagram at #reinventgma.

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